Wiring Tips For Universal Navigation Kit

One of the big advantages of the Rally Management Services Universal Navigation Kit is that it is easily removed when you're not using it. However there is usually a mess of wires, power connectors, switches and fuseblocks used. To simplify this, we've experimented with different ways to wire and power the kit. Our latest method is to power the entire kit using the roadbook's power lead.

NOTE: Ensure that you don't overload the wiring. We're only powering low-draw electronics here, and we are using a 3 amp fuse to protect the circuit at the battery end of things.

OK, on to the steps:

  1. Drill hole for a wire grommet in the roadbook so that power cables for ICO/TripMaster, Compass Repeater, GPS or whatever can enter the roadbook under the LED bar.
  2. Cut the roadbook's power cable about 2 inches from the circuit board connector and strip back the wires on both sides of your cut.
  3. Solder all the positive wires together and cap off with adhesive-lined shrink wrap. In our case, that's 4 wires (power lead, roadbook terminal, TripMaster, and compass repeater.
  4. Repeat soldering with negative wires. Again, that's 4 in our case.
  5. Secure wiring with small zip ties. Ensure it is all tucked out of the way and doesn't impede paper rolling.

Now when we remove the kit from the bike, we only need to unplug the power to the roadbook and the ICO sensor. Then remove the mounting clamps. Instead of a power switch, we just unplug the roadbook when we're don't riding each day. The F2R roadbooks even come with a waterproof cap for the power lead on the bike side.

Wire bundling tips:

Rally on!


Inside view:


Back side view (power to TripMaster XL and Compass Repeater XL: