Sample Budget for the Dakar Rally

What does it cost to run the Dakar Rally?  

Of course, this depends on many variables.  But, we've tried to give you a starting point here.  This is a rough estimated budget for a first time rider whose goal is to finish the race.  We think that spending any less and leaving out any of the elements here would reduce the chances of finishing.  Also, spending much more would not necessarily improve the chances of finishing.   Check it out and contact us if you need help with your plan:

Entry Fee:  $ 20,000 (14,800 €)

Rally Motorcycle, basic build with fuel capacity and navigation equipment and a simple fairing.  We're thinking of something like a KTM 450 EXC prepared similar to Ned Suesse's #81 in the 2012 Dakar.  Not many frills, built yourself.  We can help:  $ 15,000.

Spare engine:  $ 3,500*

Spare consumable parts.  Filters, chain, brake pads, electrical stuff, etc.  We can help you prepare a list:  $ 3,000*

Tires and mousse.  7 rears and 7 fronts:  $4,200

Extra set of wheels:  $ 1,200*

Shipping from USA to South America and back by sea:  $ 4,000**

FIM license and medical exam:  $1,500

Flights from USA to South America and back:  $ 1,500

Hotels and meals before and after the rally:  $ 400

Assistance package.  Mechanic share and transport of your spares during the rally.  Bivouac setup and team help.  RMS can do this, or there are other teams also available.  Experience matters here:  $ 25,000***

Insurance (liability in South America), registration for the bike:  $ 200

TOTAL:  $ 77,500


* Reduced cost if you have a similar practice bike that you can use for spare parts.

** Reduce this cost by sharing a container with others shipping to the Dakar.  

***You can go without a mechanic and a team, but this greatly reduces your chances of finishing, especially if this is your first big rally.  Save that for your second try.