Our Story

From our founder:

Rally Management Services grew out of my attempts at rally racing.  I raced the El Chott Rally in Tunisia in 2002, then the Dakar in 2004 and again with my brother Dave and mechanic Mikey Krynock in 2005.  For 2006, we enlisted the help of mechanics Niles Follin and Sid Milton, and Truck driver/crew chief Robb McElroy.  We built our own bikes and a cool Ford F-350 assistance truck, sought sponsors, and tried, with some success, to field a professional team.  We brought on rider Jonah Street, who had some impressive stage finishes and a good rookie 17th overall finish in the 2006 Dakar.  

About this time, people began to ask how we built these rally bikes, how we got the rare parts, how we managed to arrange the logistics of a team in a big international race, and whether we could do this for them.  We could.  So, for the 2007 Dakar, we started our Rally School, we built 5 KTM 525 rally bikes and some more F-350s, and we arranged shipping and support for a team of privateers, including Rally PanAm riders Jonah and Casey McCoy.  We brought 4 riders to the finish in Senegal.  Partner Evan Leung came aboard to help with promotions, photography, networking and finance. Also, I began to use the connections made at rallies to bring rally racing equipment to the USA.  

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Meet The Team

Dave Peckham

Dave is the Team Manager and owner of RMS. He's been on the US rally scene since 2007. Rally racing has taken Dave to 11 countries on 4 continents. He has raced the Rally Dos Sertoes, Tuareg Rally, Cortez Rally and the Baja Rally. He's also been Mechanic and Team Manager at the Dakar Rally, FIM Sardegna Rally, Tuareg Rally, and SCORE Baja races. Dave's primary focus is growing the sport of Cross Country Rally in North America through RMS and through his involvement in RallyNavigator.com.

Dave's ride: RMS KTM 450 EXC-F.

Phil Bowman

Phil is a core member of the RMS team. Phil has been a Rally Instructor since 2008. Phil has raced around the world--in the US, Mexico, and Brazil. Phil is also a professional chef, and Rally School attendees often get treated to Phil's great cooking. Phil is a proud member of the San Francisco Motorcycle Club.

Phil's ride: RMS KTM 450 XC-F.

Alex Martens

Alex is a Rally Instructor and a team mechanic for RMS who also really enjoys building roadbooks with Rally Navigator and exploring new areas to host rally schools. Alex has raced a number of disciplines off-road but can typically be found rallying around the PNW. Alex is the founder/owner of Konflict Motorsports & Suspension in Kent Washington.

Alex's ride: RMS KTM 500.

Mike Shirley

Mike is a Rally Instructor and is also the mastermind behind Rally Navigator. Mike had the vision to make rally route creation simpler and faster. Mike has been an RMS crew member at the Dakar Rally twice and has raced in Mongolia and Mexico. He's also known to ironman the Vegas To Reno. Mike is a fitness guru and owns Double Diamond Athletic Club in Reno, NV.

Mike's ride: RMS KTM 500 XC-W.

Charlie Rauseo

Charlie is the "godfather" of the North American privateer rally movement.  While Charlie is no longer involved in the day-to-day operations of RMS, he remains involved in rally racing and a close friend to the team. You'll often find Charlie at our training events and the rallies we attend.

Charlie's ride: RMS KTM 690 E.