Dakar 2013

Dakar 2013 was a mixture of success and misfortune for the team.

Our primary rider, #186 Kevin Muggleton, piloted his Rally Moto Kit Honda CRF450X. Kevin was feeling comfortable after Stage 1, but had a big crash during the special on Stage 2. He suffered some cracked ribs and vertabrae, but luckily nothing too serious. His recovery commenced quickly.

With Kevin's departure from the race, RMS focused on assisting our partner team's three other riders--two from Columbia and one from Argentina. The Columbians, Marco Saldariaga and Mateo Moreno, were riding KTM 450s and Luis Belaustegui was making another attempt on his JVO KTM 150 two-stroke.

We're happy to report that all three remaining riders made it to the finish line!

2013 marked RMS' tenth consecutive Dakar. We're looking forward to 2014!