Rally Diabolico Support

We've got a special week in store for Rally Diabolico participants. We're offering a special Rally School near the race location. This will enable participants who are traveling to the race to get 2 days of training before the race, and still fit it all into one week's vacation from work. 


Saturday 3/29 - Travel

Sunday 3/30 - Rally School

Monday 3/31 - Rally School, liaison to race location

Tuesday 4/1 - Bike maintenance, registration, scrutineering

Wednesday 4/2 - Bike maintenance, registration, scrutineering, afternoon prologue stage

Thursday 4/3 - Race stage

Friday 4/4 - Race stage

Saturday 4/5 - Race stage, finish party

Sunday 4/6 - Travel


The Rally School will cover rally navigation techniques on a variety of mixed desert terrain. Day two will increase the focus on dunes navigation, which makes heavy use of compass headings. Rally Diabolico participants will appreciate this extra practice. Minimum fuel autonomy is 240km plus a safety factor. The school is also open to non-Diabolico entrants but is geared toward experienced desert riders. Price $600.


At the race, RMS will be providing a full support crew. The support package will include bike transport from/to our shop, malles moto-style assistance, and bivouac support. Rider transport may be possible in limited numbers. Price $350.


We're also offering special pricing on navigation packages for competitors.


Contact us for more information and to reserve a space.