Support bracket for roadbook and ICO/TripMaster

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Aluminum support bracket that sits behind the roadbook. Made from 1/8" aluminum, these are light and strong, minimizing material.  Allows mounting of ICO in the correct left hand position above the roadbook window. We left the right hand position above the roadbook reader undrilled so that you can put whatever you like there.  Drill your own holes for a repeater, ICO, clock, camera, whatever. Designed by us with help from Jesse at Crux Studio

Bracket includes fasteners and rubber dampers. Other required hardware is supplied with your roadbook (e.g. crossbar blocks).

MD version fits MD roadbook readers with no drilling required.

Newly redesigned F2R version fits current RB730/B models with no drilling. Locating pilot holes are pre-drilled for RB750/A and older RB730/A models--just enlarge to suit.

See our Universal Navigation Kit.

F2R Installation Instructions

MD Installation Instructions


Vendor: RMS

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